Lawn Pest Management

Lawn Pest Management

Green Landscape Service

Lawn Pest ControlABC’s most popular Residential service, our Green Landscape Service combines both your Turf and Ornamental plants into one service! By being on your property monthly, ABC can monitor both your lawn and your ornamental plants on each visit. This enables ABC to find any problem and treat them quickly before damage occurs. Turf grass and ornamental pests and fungal problems move very quickly in the landscape. ABC will monitor and treat your lawn and plants for insects and foliar disease problems on each visit. ABC includes mole crickets, chinch bugs, army and sod web worms, fire ants, grub control, and ornamental scale insects and foliar fungus control with this service.

ABC’s Green Landscape Service is also an environmentally friendly service. With increasing regulations and Black-Out periods on fertilizers, lawns and plants suffer from the lack of nutrients you are allowed to apply. This is why ABC has switched to Bio-Based Environmentally Friendly fertilizers to create a healthy environment for your lawn and plants to grow in, instead of just masking problems with common synthetic fertilizers. While synthetic fertilizers do provide a quick green-up, they tend to fade quickly leaving nothing behind to nurture your plants or soil.

ABC’s Green Landscape Service offers our customers a natural alternative to synthetic fertilizers by combining Humic Acid, Fulvic acid, and Sea Kelp to feed the Soil naturally. This process helps to create an environment that allows your plants to utilize existing nutrients found in the soil more efficiently. ABC’s organic fertilizers can naturally balance soil pH, reduce plant stresses caused by hard pan soils, increase soil microbial activity, and add up to an inch of topsoil per year which is so important. If you have ever seen a new lawn installed you may have noticed the thick black layer on the bottom. This organic layer only lasts about a year when synthetic fertilizers are used. Afterword, the grass slowly declines forcing you to add even more synthetic fertilizers to achieve the same color of grass you had when you started. ABC’s bio-based fertilizers can add up to an inch of new topsoil per year, giving your plants a healthy environment to flourish within. Although you may not get the massive top growth associated with Synthetic fertilizers, ABC’s Green Landscape program will give you a steady green color year-round without forcing you to have to scalp your lawn and trim your plants weekly.

As a customer of ABC, we know you are not only concerned about having a green lawn and healthy plants but you also want the products applied to your property to be safe for the environment while still protecting your investment. Both your turf and landscape plants will receive the nutrients they need to thrive while ABC re-builds the soil.

Check out the benefits:

  • All natural Bio-Enhanced Fertilizers
  • Stimulates soil Microbial activity
  • Reduces soil compaction and stress
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Insect and foliar disease control for lawns and ornamentals
  • Monthly service to find problems before you have damage

Green Lawn Service

ABC’s Green Lawn Service is especially designed for customers that like to work in the yard and are home throughout the year. ABC’s Green Lawn service is performed every seven weeks and includes controls for mole crickets, chinch bugs, army and sod web worms and fire ants. ABC’s Bio-Enhanced fertilizers along with a micronutrient package are included. ABC also includes Fungicides for foliar disease control.

Let ABC’s trained professional’s service your lawn today. ABC understands the importance of a well maintained and healthy lawn, through education and experience; we are the best Lawn Pest Management Company in the Tampa Bay Area with over 30+ years of experience! If you notice problem in-between services, then call ABC and we will be happy to retreat problem areas.

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