Tree Injection Service

ABC Pest Control Tree Injection Service

This is a specialty service provided by ABC

Tree InjectionsMany trees and palms that suffer from Insects, Diseases, or Micro-Nutrient deficiencies are located in areas where treatment cannot be provided to control the problem. Trees planted to close to the bay or water sources, even those planted in parking lots do not allow for proper treatment or nutrition to be applied. ABC’s environmentally friendly service of injecting products into the vascular system of the tree or palm eliminates this problem by delivering the products necessary directly into the tree or palm. Although ABC cannot guarantee the trees health, much the same that a doctor cannot guarantee you will survive an operation; this treatment is far less expensive than having the tree removed. ABC has had years of success using this type of specialty treatment.

Citrus and other Fruiting trees suffering from problems like citrus Greening may benefit from injections of Micro-Elements as their root systems may be unable to absorb the nutrients from the ground even if they are available. ABC can only treat trees with a diameter of a minimum of four inches. .
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