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Maintaining a healthy landscape gives your home not only the astatic beauty most homeowners want, but can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value if or when you decide to sell your property. ABC knows how hard it is to maintain a healthy landscape. With increasing regulations on fertilizers, plants and trees suffer from the lack of nutrients you are allowed to apply. This is why ABC has switched to Bio-Based fertilizers to create a healthy environment for your plants to grow in, instead of just masking problems with synthetic fertilizers. ABC’s Green Landscape Service offers our customers a natural alternative to synthetic fertilizers by combining Humic Acid, Fulvic acid, and Sea Kelp to feed the Soil naturally and create an environment that allows your plants to utilize existing nutrients more efficiently. ABC’s organic fertilizers can naturally balance soil pH, reduce stress caused by hard pan soils, increase soil microbial activity and add up to an inch of topsoil per year. As a customer of ABC, we know you are not only concerned about having a green lawn and healthy plants but you also want the products applied to your property to be safe for the environment while still protecting your investment. Call ABC Pest Control Today to sign up for our Green Landscape Service.

ABC’s Green Landscape Service also includes products designed to keep your plants free of pest and foliar fungal diseases which can decimate plants in a very short time. ABC’s services can be designed to your specific landscape or your individual needs. You may only need one service per year to handle a specific problem or you may want ABC’s every seven week program. ABC’s Green Landscape program (GLS)  is designed for those individuals that are not permanent residents and do not have the time to monitor their plants regularly for problems. With our GLS, ABC will be on your property monthly to find problems and correct them before you have damage occur. Call today for a free quote to find out just how affordable ABC’s GLS is.

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