Invasive Grasses

No More Invasive Grasses or Weeds

Invasive Grassand WeedsInvasive grasses like Carpet grass, Wild Bermuda grass, and Torpedo grasses cannot be controlled with conventional herbicides. When these grasses start to dominate your existing St Augustine Grass or your Bahia grass it is time to eliminate them by killing them off with a non-selective herbicide and re-sodding these areas with new turf. ABC’s non-selective herbicide treatments will kill these weed grasses off allowing you to re-sod these areas before they take over large portions of your good grass. ABC can also kill off complete lawn areas prior to re-sodding. All areas treated will die in approximately 15-20 days. Get it done right and save money, let the professionals at ABC Pest Control do it for you!

Some homeowners or businesses may have weed grasses that are growing up through their ornamental shrubs and bushes. ABC also offers a program designed to kill these weed grasses while leaving their ornamental shrubs or bushes intact. Please call ABC for more information.

Residential Home Pricing for Invasive Grasses

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Invasive Grassand Control