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Landscape Plants That Produce Flowers That Change Color During The Day
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Fall is a great time to work in the garden but most of the plants we look at have stopped blooming and the garden becomes a patch of mainly green plants. Well, Florida gardeners do not have to wait for color if they plan ahead. There are many plants which can give us bright colors this time of year. Below are a few of the plants which we can use to give us fall color.

Crotons, with their bright reds, yellows, and spotty colored leaves can be a great attraction. Combine these with a couple of orange pumpkins and maybe some corn stalks purchased at a local garden center can give a homeowner a festive area in the garden. Even the children will think you went all out for the holiday.


Caladiums are another great plant used for their stunning fall color. Caladiums come in wide varieties of colors and can easily be planted from tubers. These tuber are easily divided every few years to give you additional plants to share or plant in other areas of the garden. What is nice about caladiums is that in our area they do not have to be dug up each year, just leave them in the ground and they will surprise you again and again. 


Coleus is also a very exciting plant with dazzling color arrays to splash around the garden. Not only is this plant easy to grow but as the plant falls to the ground it will spread out to cover a larger area if properly watered. You can also take a few stem cuttings and lay them down on the ground, cover the stem with a little potting soil and keep them moist for a few weeks and they will root right where you put them. Coleus leaves are brightly colored and will give you a great show during the cooler months.  Some even do very well during the summer.


All of these plants will help your garden to be attractive all year long. Remember, we do not always have to have a flowering plant to improve the gardens appearance. Sometimes, working with plants that have differing textures and colors can give the same effect as having a garden full of flowers!  I hope your time is the garden is a pleasant as mine! Remember, without plants, we wouldn’t be here! Happy Gardening!


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