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Landscape Plants That Produce Flowers That Change Color During The Day

ABC Pest Control Inc. FloridaWell, October is finally here and so are the cooler temperatures. This means if you have not started to plant your Fall vegetable gardens, you still have time. Florida has two growing seasons Spring and Fall. The Fall season is perfect for growing your leafy vegetables such as Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Collard Greens, and Spinach. Root vegetables such as Beets, Carrots, and Onions are also good choices for your garden. Unfortunately, you can not start these from seeds at this time.

Many of us start our plants from seeds three to four weeks before we are able to start planting outdoors. For those of you that did this now is the time to move your plants into the garden. For those who did not start from seed, go to one of your local nurseries or garden centers and pick up some of the starter plants that are already of size to put into the garden. I prefer to get the largest plants available and put them into my prepared beds. The larger the plants are the quicker the plant will start to produce for you. Garden centers offer a wide variety of vegetables and herbs you can enjoy even if you have a limited space to plant. One of my favorite sites on the internet is that you can go to find out what and when to plant in your area is This site will also help you prepare your planting site, adjust Ph, and give you a proper fertilization schedule to make your garden a showplace. Helpful tips on pest management are also included on this site.   


            For those of you that have not prepared a garden area for you vegetables, try the EarthBox. The EarthBox is a modular planting box made from recycled materials measuring 15x30x11 inches tall. What is great about the EarthBox is that it requires no weeding or tilling the soil. Once the EarthBox is set up (this usually takes about a half hour) the EarthBox is self contained. Just hook up the EarthBox to your water supply, add plants and watch your plants grow! Check out this link to learn more about the EarthBox.     Even first time gardeners can have a beautiful garden without the worry of nematodes, diseases, weeds. I think you will really enjoy the EarthBox – I do! Remember, without plants, we would not be here! Happy Gardening!
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