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Landscape Plants That Produce Flowers That Change Color During The Day

ABC Pest Control Inc. FloridaWeed control has always been an issue for homeowners wanting a lush green blanket of grass. But did you know that there is a half- a- ton of weed seeds for every acre of grass in the world? And most of these weed seeds are carried by animals or float on the air currents? Well, what can be done to stop these weeds? For most homeowners, a simple call to your pest control operator can take care of the weeds. But, what if you want to do-it-yourself? Well you can. First, you have to determine what kind of weeds you have. Grassy weeds are weeds that look like grasses. These are the hardest to control, and best left up to a professional. However, if you have weeds that look like weeds such as

Broadleaf Weeds
Grassy Weeds

Dandelion, Dollar Weed, or Oxalis, then get out the spray can. Please determine first if you have St. Augustine grass, or Bahia grass. Remember if you apply a St. Augustineweed killer on Bahia grass you could kill your Bahia grass and visa-versa. When picking out a product to kill the weeds, look towards the liquid weed killers. These can be applied easiest and directed to where the weeds are the heaviest. The weed killer active ingredient for St. Augustine Grass is called Atrazine. The Active ingredient for Bahia grass is called 2-4-D or Dicamba. Always read the entire label for special instructions. Look for these ingredients to be listed on the front of the jar. Also, when mixing these products with water, always wear gloves and safety glasses. Just before you apply these products, add a little dishwater detergent such as Joy, or Dove. Use about a teaspoonful per gallon of water. After you add the dish soap make sure you shake the spray container well. The addition of this detergent will help to spread the product over the leaves of the weed and give you better control. Remember, killing weeds on Bahia grass will only take about a week. St. Augustine weed control usually takes 6-8 weeks. Don’t be impatient! “Florida Gardening” will try to keep all of you informed of problems in your home or garden. Remember, without plants, we would not be here!  Thanks again- “The Plant Doctor”- Mark Govan!

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